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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the marketing process with a goal of getting more visibility in search engines either by getting more free traffic (SEO) or paid traffic (Paid search advertising).

Through paid search advertising you essentially buy advertising space in the search engine results. So instead of trying to rank higher and get free traffic you pay to appear in front of the searches.

Through Google adwords you can get your ads to appear in the Google search results and you pay only for the clicks on your ads. This is also the reason why the whole process is called Cost-per-click (CPC) or Cost-per-thousand (CPM).

New companies/ New product can start with AdWords

sem-2-minAdwords is ideal for startups and new companies that want to get targeted traffic quickly for the purpose of making sales, finding new customers or even for testing their products, procedures, website effectiveness and any other component in their sales or marketing processes.



Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Google AdWords can help.


Your business gets found by people on Google precisely when they’re searching for the things that you offer.


Target your ads to customers in certain countries, regions or cities — or within a set distance from your business or shop.

SEM traffic is considered the most important source of Internet traffic because it is targeted. It is widely accepted that people use search engines to find a solution to a problem, an answer to their question or to learn how to do something.

So when searches click on a web site from the search results or click on an ad, they are more likely to convert.The relevancy of the displayed web sites and ads makes SEM traffic more valuable than any of the other sources.

Facebook and twitter are trying to optimize their advertising platforms to utilize targeted traffic but still traffic coming directly from search engines has a better ROI.


Effective way for consumers to discover a new business, product or service

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Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear. As an advertisement that fits seamlessly into the user experience, they’re more contextual than other forms of digital advertising (e.g. display and banner ads), making it more likely that your audience will trust them.


"In Feed" Ads

Ads that appear in your news feed on social networks (ie.your Facebook or Twitter feed)

Search & Promoted Listings

Ad listings that appear at the top of your Google search results, or in the side bar

Content Recommendations

Recommended articles that appear below the article you just read.

Display Ads with native elements

This type of native advertising looks just like any other ad you might see online. You may even see them in an ad container or banner.





Native advertising has the ability to attract much more attention from the readers.If content peaks their interest, then they will engage with it.

Native display ads receive a higher click-through-rate (CTR) than typical display ads

Native advertising drives to make purchases and more.



Larger audience reach

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The Google Display Network can help you reach people while they’re browsing their favorite websites, showing a friend a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile devices and apps.

Where your ads can appear?

When you advertise with Google Ads, your ads can appear on different places across the web depending on how you target your ads, to whom you choose to show them, and the types of ads you create.

On website that your customers visit

It's around 150 google search site or google search parents site that you can choose from.

The Display Network is a collection of websites—including specific Google websites like Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and Youtube—that show ads. This network also includes mobile sites and apps.

Your ads can appear on websites based on the targeting methods you choose. On the Display Network, there are several ways to target your ads:

  • Choose keywords and topics related to what your offer
  • Choose specific websites or pages
  • Choose specific audiences based on their interests, demographics, or whether they've visited your website before.

Larger audience reach, your ads won't be limited to appearing in one place

Cheaper cost per clicks

Great way to save money and improve your ROI with high performing ads

Visual ads. When placed on the right website, these visual ads can significantly increase click-through rates and generally receive higher conversions than text ads

Remarking ads. Using the Google display network, the site tracks the users via cookies and displays them your ads after they visit your site

Ads Might Not Be Relevant To The Website

Google will try its best to determine what a web page is about and then show an appropriate advert. However, it doesn’t always get it right, and sometimes it will display something completely unrelated.



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